Vernon Place Phases

When the Meadville Medical Center (MMC) acquired the property over a decade ago the thought was simple: 


Create a brand new outpatient facility that will become the hub for healthcare in Crawford County.

It was later, as the initial concept was being developed, that MMC realized a great opportunity. If a significant investment is being placed into a brand new facility, then why not utilize the remaining acreage to create a commercial district where visitors could shop, eat, relax, and stay at a hotel - essentially creating a much larger experience? With this thought, the possibilities became endless… and Vernon Place was created! The vision expanded:

In creating a great patient experience, expand and create a great community experience!

Currently under development:
     • Brand new outpatient facility

Subsequent phases:
     • Medical arts
     • Restaurants
     • Retail
     • Hotel
     • Commercial space
     • Long-term stay
     • The options are endless…

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